Fruit of Paradise – the Pomegranate

for Heart, Brain and Prostate

Dr. Jacob’s Medical, founded by Dr. med. L.M. and Dr. med. K.O. Jacob in 1997, is the German innovation leader in high quality pomegranate products. Over 6 years ago, Dr. Jacob’s pomegranate elixir was the first pomegranate health product in Germany. Dr. Jacob's pomegranate elixir is still unique due to its delicious taste, because of its especially high concentration of active phytochemicals (polyphenols) and the application of patented live fermentation processes.

The pomegranate is one of the oldest health fruits of mankind. From the ancient world through to the Middle Ages it was a symbol for immortality and fertility. In many cultures it was considered sacred. The “Apple of Paradise”, as it is sometimes called, is said to have been present in Paradise as the “Tree of Life”.

Whether as a healthy treat or a genuine health product, the pomegranate is becoming increasingly popular – also in science. During recent years scientific studies in the research field of e.g. prostate, heart, brain, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels have been published.

The pomegranate mainly contains a large quantity of antioxidant phytochemicals, called polyphenols (tannins, flavonoids), which also lends it its unique fruity, albeit a bit astringent, flavor.

Download laboratory test analyses: Pomegrante-analyses-2011-11